7 Reasons to Choose Dootson Truck Driving School

7 Reasons to Choose Dootson Truck Driving School As you move forward with your goal to become a CDL driver, there are many factors you must consider. The best way to have the most success is to invest in truck driving school. However, many people who are on the lookout aren’t sure what to look for. At Dootson Truck Driving School, we’ve worked to make that easy for you by providing seven specific reasons that we’re the best choice for you. Read on to learn more about them and then contact us at 800-350-0002 for more information.

  1. You get a completely custom program

  2. Do you think your needs are identical as every other person who’s considering truck driving school? Are you starting at the exact same place as other people you’re going to school with? Of course not. Yet other programs are identical for every student. With Dootson Truck Driving School, you get private lessons and a custom program to ensure you get exactly what you need.

  3. Our courses are more affordable than you may think

  4. The salary and benefits expectations for truck drivers make an investment into these classes worth it, but if you can’t afford the investment, it doesn’t matter how helpful they are. That’s why we are sure to keep our classes affordable.

  5. We can handle both individuals and groups

  6. We offer individual rates as well as group rates. Some truck driving schools only work with individuals or groups. We are truly here to fine tune an experience specifically for every client.

  7. You can take classes virtually any time that you want

  8. Do day classes work best for you? Great, we have you covered. Do you need to take truck driving classes at night after your day job? We have you covered there too. Of course, we also offer weekend classes for those who can’t be here during the week at all.

  9. Hablamos Español

  10. For those people who’d like to work as drivers but feel more comfortable taking classes in Spanish, you’ll be pleased to know that we do offer Spanish courses too.

  11. We’re on on-site evaluation and training spot for employers

  12. When you finish your training with us, we don’t just wave and say thank you. We work closely with many employers and will do our best to get you paired up with a company that offers what you’re looking for. In fact, we even offer on-site training and evaluations for employers. What does this mean? It means that some employers get a first-hand experience with our exceptional training and are eager to hire out graduates.

  13. We have more than 60 years of experience

  14. Work with Dootson Truck Driving School and you’ll benefit from our decades of experience. Of course, in those years we’ve learned a thing or two about how students most easily learn the basics, but we are also always keeping an eye forward. You will be trained on the most recent and updated aspects of trucking driving. Call us today at 800-350-0002 to learn more!