Are These the Five Best Trucking Jobs in America?

Are These the Five Best Trucking Jobs in America?

There are many types of truck driving jobs out there and which one is best for you will vary based on a wide range of factors. However, experienced truckers were questioned about what they thought the best jobs in trucking were and these were their answers.

  1. Oversized truck drivers

  2. Driving a truck that’s carrying a heavy load or a double wide truck is one of the best ways to get top pay for your driving skills. That said, you’ll need special certification to be eligible for these jobs. Depending on what you’ll be carrying, you may need a special license too. Once you get into this field though, it is one of the most lucrative and in-demand trucking driving jobs on the market.

  3. Liquid hauling trucker

  4. It’s easy to see why any type of hazardous liquid would need to be driven carefully and would require a truck driver who had tons of experience and the right skill level. This is why truck drivers who haul liquids, especially hazardous liquids, can expect to be paid more than average. The more experience you have and the more hazardous the material is, the more the pay will go up.

  5. Ice road truckers

  6. About three out of four ice roads are located in the Arctic Circle. Truck drivers who work in this area will have some seriously dangerous conditions to deal with, including temperatures that can get lower than -40 degrees, white outs, storms, and ice that might not be as solid as it seems. There is of course great reward for those brave souls willing to take on the challenges: They can make upwards of $120,000 and only work a few months out of the year.

  7. Mining industry truckers

  8. Head out to any mining jobsite and ask what the most sought after job is. They’re likely to tell you that it’s a mining truck driver. Whether you work directly for a mining company or work as an independent contractor, you’ll be driving a huge mining dump truck and could make well over $100,000 a year. As with the other truck driving jobs on this list, it does require specialized skills. Contact Dootson Truck Driving School at 800-350-0002 to learn more.

  9. Interstate truck driver

  10. If you want a job that’s a bit less dangerous but still pays well, then interstate truck driver may be the job for you. While you won’t have super-heavy loads and you won’t be driving over ice that could break open at any time, you will have tight schedules that you must meet and long distances to cover in short amounts of time. For these reasons, interstate truck driver positions tend to pay better than other options.

If you’re ready to learn more about truck driving as a career then we encourage you to reach out to Dootson Truck Driving School at 800-350-0002. We offer hands-on training and can help you find the right career when your training is done. Call us today to get started.