Meet George Green

George Green

George Green

George Green has very little in his life to complain about these days. In his words, “Anytime you can take home $800 or more a week, you can’t complain.” It’s hard to believe that only a year ago his life was completely different. George was unemployed, driving a beat-up ’72 Datsun, and concerned that his electricity might be turned off at any moment. He had actually been unemployed for four years, with very few prospects. “It was rough,” George relates, “I was scrounging around looking for a job with nothing going for myself … I wasn’t bringing in anything, and my wife was carrying everything on her shoulders.” What George regrets most about this time in his life was that he could not afford to do the simplest things for his wife, like take her out to dinner.

George felt trapped. His wife had almost given up on him, and he had nowhere to go. Knowing he needed to invest in his future, George picked up the phone and called Dootson School of Trucking. His wife was skeptical at first. She had come to accept George’s failure as a way of life and thought that this, like everything else, would not work out. However, after talking it over, George’s wife reluctantly gave her consent to his attending school.

“When we look around today,” George says, “we can’t believe it’s only been a year … This (training) has really opened the door … We’re living now!” Today, George works as a Safety Engineer for Schneider National, making $40,000 a year. He has traded in his ’72 Datsun for a brand new Dodge pick-up and bought his wife a brand new Chrysler Aries. In addition to his substantial salary at Schneider, he has, in his words, “every (company) benefit you can think of.” George and his wife have opened a bank account and now have credit. “Good credit,” George emphasizes. They are saving for a new home, a ranch house with two to three acres of land in Norco. They plan to buy the home next year. With the way things are going, however, says George with a smile,” It will probably be even sooner!”

What does George’s wife think of her husband now? She can’t believe all that has happened to him. “She loves it!” says George. She continues to work but without the pressure of having to work. She is excited about the changes in their lives, especially the changes in their standard of living which, in George’s words, “has changed drastically.” We suspect, however, what she appreciates most about their new life is the fact that she and her husband can not only afford to go out to dinner now, but it is George who pays for the meal.