Carl Williams Carl Williams came to Dootson as a Bobtail driver. He found his job boring: “the same routine day in and day out…no challenge.” Three days out of school, Carl was hired by Schneider National. Today he is driving a brand new International 97009-speed making 32,OOO/yr. Carl has a wife and three children. His little daughter, he says, is “tickled to death” about his new career. She sees her Daddy is happy and that he can now afford to buy her the things she needs and deserves. Carl has always had a dream about one day driving a big truck. Today his dream has come true. When asked about the school, Carl replied, “The school was great! I would highly recommend it to anybody.”

Michael Barker Michael Barker graduated from Dootson in August. He is now making $600/week working for Top Draw Trucking. “This is something,” says Michael, “I wanted to do since I was old enough to drive a car .” Before coming to the school he had two uncles in trucking who kept encouraging him to get into the business. “You’ll never be out of work,” they would say to him. When Michael got layed off from his job, he took his uncles’ advice and came to Dootson. Today he is glad he did . “There is a lot of money out there,” Michael tells us,… “I worked 16 years in a hospital to work up to a desk job… I was shocked to find myself, fresh out of Truck School, making more money than I did at my desk job.”

Javier Torres Javier Torres graduated from Dootson in July and is now working for APA Trucking. “I love it!” says Javier about his new job. “I am making more than 1have ever made… believe me.” Javier has a wife and two children . They are just as excited about his new job as he is. For the first time, Javier te lls us, his wife gets to stay home. He makes enough money for both of them! Thinking for the future, Javier just opened his first bank account. He is saving for his own truck so someday he can become his own boss. He is also thinking about his first home. When asked about the school, Javier said, “The school was excellent! It gave me the opportunity to do something good in my life. This is the first school I ever finished and graduated from. This is the first school where people were really interested in me.”

Aline Sinclair Aline Sinclair is one of the many women graduates from Dootson. After only 4 weeks in school she was hired by Schneider National where she works today making $32,OOO/yr. Before coming to school, Aline worked as a waitress, but grew tired, in her words, of “the politics and back-stabbing.” Aline likes being on her own, on the open road, free from the petty squabbles and bickering of the restaurant. “The training at Dootson,” she says, “was fantastic … The instructors care and everybody is out to give the students everyth ing they need. All you have to do is say I’ve got a problem! If you don’t say it, they wil l ask you. Not just one of them but all of them.” Today Aline looks forward to a bright and secure future.

You did good work for me. My teacher was patient, cheerful and knowledgeable, and very helpful. I did not know much about driving schools, but I learned a lot about what good people you are.
– Joyce Richards

Your professionalism, experience and expert service was evident as your school produced qualified individuals to operate our new vehicles.
– Los Angeles County Fire Department

My experience with Dootson was a very positive one. Your staff was very pleasant and everyone there from the front office to the instructors was always very encouraging.
– Adele and Mike Rand

I leave Dootson with good memories because of the friendly and dedicated staff
– John Engwald

I drove from Simi Valley, approximately 51 miles to Dootson for instruction and it was well worth it. I will always recommend anyone in the future who wants an A License to attend your school.
– Mary Lansden-Fay

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and compliment your company on your high quality operation. . . I would happily and highly recommend your program to anyone looking for these services.
– Kevin Persons

Before choosing Dootson, I inquired and visited many trucking schools and after my experience with your school, I will gladly recommend you to others.
– Paul Cox

The skills I have learned at Dootson are second to none. I believe Dootson Graduates are much better prepared than any other School. I would not hesitate a second to recommend your school to perspective students.
– Rodger Yamada

Brunswick Corporation Management, both individually and collectively would like to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent driving record exemplified by Dootson drivers throughout our entire MGT/MCT Program.
– Eve Kirschman, Subcontracts Administrator

Dootson graduates become some of the nation’s best professional truck drivers. . . The instructors are fiercely dedicated to the safety and professionalism of the industry they love.
– Journal of the Career College Association

My experience at the Dootson Truck School was very positive, and I feel strongly that what I learned over the last two weeks will contribute to my potential success as a feeder-driver with United Parcel Services, Inc.
– John Ott

I have to write this note of Great appreciation for your school. . . Here’s to wishing you continuing success in the years to come. I’m very proud to have been a part of the DOOTSON EXPERIENCE.
– Dewey B Schneider

I would like to offer my never to be humble opinion and say there isn’t a better group of professionals on the face of the planet.
– Robert Griffith

I love the adventure. I love to drive. I love the new life . . . Thanks Dootson.
– James Williams

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Dootson Trucking School for their excellent course of instruction. I would like to say a special thanks to you Ms. Dootson, and your EXCELLENT office staff. Everyone was very helpful and supportive.
– Larry C. Twichell

The reason for this letter is to express my thanks to you and your skilled instructors for the very professional, experienced and competent safety program . . . I highly recommend your safety programs as an incentive to provide more skilled and safe drivers.
– Carl E. Hood Sanitation Superintendent, City of Santa Monica

If I were to evaluate the program from the standpoint of student success, student interest and Dootson’s cooperation, I would give them an “A” plus.
– D.R. Scott, Supervisor of Education, US. Department of Justice

You are to be congratulated! You have an exemplary staff made up of some very special people. It has been my pleasure to know them and to learn from them. I would highly recommend your school to anyone.
-Bennett Carey