Trucking as a Career

If you want more money, more freedom, more adventure, a better life, trucking is for you!

Here are some of the benefits of studying at Dootson School of Trucking and making truck driving your new career.

High Pay

Drivers of diesel and long-haul trucks operate the largest and most complex trucking equipment on our highways today, so it make sense that they are paid commensurate to their responsibility. In 2010, the median truck driving salary was $37,770, with top 10 percent of earners making $57,000 or more.

Job Security

Trucking as a Career Trucking will provide you with a solid, secure future in one of America’s largest growth industries. Currently, about 80 percent of the goods moved inside America are transported by truckers. This isn’t going to change any time soon. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that tractor trailer drivers will be in high demand in the next decade, with job growth rates 7 percent higher than the rest of the economy.


The trucking industry is a wide-open field where a man or woman has real opportunities for advancement. The variety of choices is tremendous, and the field is rapidly expanding. This is a job where a man or woman can even go on to own their own big rig and become their own boss. As an owner-operator, a diesel truck driver’s earning potential is virtually unlimited.


Truckers get paid to see the same sights that others save a lifetime to visit. Due to the growth of long haul trucking opportunities, the modern trucker now has unparalleled opportunities for travel. The whole continent is now opened to them, from rugged and beautiful rural landscapes to bustling cosmopolitan centers. You’re sure to meet a diversity of fascinating people as a long-haul trucker.


A highly trained and skilled truck driver receives – and deserves – the respect of employers, other drivers, and the driving public. They join a brotherhood that is fiercely proud of the vital role it plays in keeping this nation’s economy afloat. Without trucks, our country would quickly grind to a halt. Almost everything we eat, wear, or use is carried by truck on some part of its journey.

Job Freedom and Independence

In addition to good pay and a bright future, diesel semi-truck drivers can look forward to more job freedom and independence than most people ever dreamed of. On the road there is no one looking over your shoulder. Out there it is just you, your rig, and the open road.

Enroll in truck driving school today! The open road and a brighter future await.

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