Quality Truck Driving Schools Offer Career Placement

0-IMG_0006-bThere is currently a shortage of qualified truck drivers in this country. However, the fact that there are plenty of job openings out there doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy for a newly certified trucker to find a job on their own. Entry-level employees in any field often have trouble convincing potential employers to hire them because they don’t yet have any experience. Fortunately, you can get help finding your first truck driving job through Dootson School of Trucking.

Leverage Our Reputation

As a new driver, you don’t yet have a reputation. You’ve taken an important step towards your new career by getting your CDL, but in a potential employer’s eyes you are still unproven in the real world. However, employers do know and trust Dootson School of Trucking. Unlike other truck driving schools that may not have established reputations in the industry, we have a long history of graduating highly qualified drivers from our school. Trucking companies know this, and they value our input when we recommend new drivers. If you graduate from Dootson Truck Driving School, you’ll have the advantage of our name on your resume. It’s a name that many employers know and trust, and it will help you get your first job.

Use Our Industry Contacts

Unlike other truck driving schools that may just focus on churning out graduates without a care for their futures, Dootson School of Trucking makes a point of staying in touch with employers in the industry. We use our extensive network of industry contacts to successfully place our truck driving school graduates in jobs at over 450 different companies.

Get a Great New Job

The support you receive from Dootson School of Trucking doesn’t end the day you finish your last driving class. We will continue to provide help and support until you get your first job. After securing your CDL and any necessary endorsements, come back to Dootson School of Trucking to browse our collection of awesome job opportunities with some of the top employers in the trucking industry. Our career placement advisors will help you find the perfect job for you. You can expect to find a rewarding new job that will offer benefits typical of the trucking industry, like high pay, great benefits, and perhaps even competitive signing bonuses or other recruitment perks.

Don’t settle for other truck driving schools that don’t offer career placement support! Instead, head to Dootson School of Trucking and give yourself the best possible chance of successfully launching a new truck driving career.