Truck Drivers Received the Biggest Pay Increase in 2016

Truck Drivers Received the Biggest Pay Increase in 2016Believe it or not, truck drivers saw the biggest pay increases in the entire United States when compared to other similar professionals. It’s true that pay – and specifically raises in pay – have been sore subjects for the last few years, but as the economy continues to grow, professional truckers have experienced the lead when it comes to pay.

How much are the increases?

The stats come from the popular website, which compares salaries across virtually any industry you can think of. According to their stats, truck drivers saw their wages grow almost 8% – which was the largest jump of any similar profession. This is great news, and no surprise to Dootson Truck Driving School. In many parts of the United States, companies can’t find enough qualified drivers – it makes sense that pay would get more competitive.

How much are truck drivers making?

According to Glassdoor, the media for truck drivers is $54,000 a year. That means that more than half of the truck drivers in the United States are actually making more than that – and of course it means that half made less. In many cases, we’re seeing truck drivers paid by the mile instead of the hour, and companies are handing out bonuses left and right for drivers who can drive extra miles during certain busy times of the year.

How can truck drivers make more money?

Just like most any job, the way truck drivers can increase their salary is by changing positions and moving up within the industry. For example, if a truck driver works for a private fleet, they could make as much as $73,000. Truck drivers who become competent with more challenging cargo, like liquids and / or hazardous waste, can also expect to see higher earnings.

How can you become a truck driver?

With increases like that, it’s no wonder many people are wondering how they can become a truck driver. The best way to learn more is to reach out to Dootson Truck Driving School at 800-350-0002. We offer unique classes that put you in the driver’s seat and allow you to learn at your own pace. Whether you need classes at night, during the day, or on weekends, we have you covered! Our main priority is that our students get the instruction they need to be safe on the roads and to feel confident behind the wheel.

You need your CDL and we can help you get it

In order to get a job as a commercial truck driver, you need your Commercial Driver’s License, aka CDL. In order to pass that test, you need some serious training. That’s what we offer you. We can go over the various types of CDL and which endorsements you may want, and we can prepare you for both the written and the practical driving test. In short, if you want to become a truck driver and get a leg up in the industry, then you want to reach out to Dootson Truck Driving School at 800-350-0002.