What to Expect From Bus Driver School

What to Expect From Bus Driver School

Have you been looking for a new career? Do you love to drive but don’t want to drive a big rig? Then bus driving may be the job for you. This is a growth industry, meaning there are tons of new jobs added every year. If you’re interested in getting involved in bus driving then you’re likely wondering what it takes. At Dootson Truck Driving School we provide comprehensive classes that get you ready for the road.

Learn to drive a bus and feel totally confident doing it

When we talk about bus driving school, what exactly are we talking about? At Dootson Truck Driving School, our bus driving courses will prepare you to drive any straight, non-articulated passenger transit vehicle. What exactly does that mean? It means you can drive a bobtail, a shuttle bus, a school bus, a transit bus, and more. We offer 100% of the training and experience you need to pass your exams and end up with your bus driver’s license.

It all starts with classroom instruction

If you’re weary of this option because you’re imaging that you’ll show up the first day and will be forced to drive a bus, we have good news for you. The first step in getting your bus driver’s license in California is to pass the written tests. These tests are created by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. When you enroll in class with us, we’ll be preparing you to take the test of the Class B Permit. This is the permit you need before you can start with the hands-on training that will prepare you for your actual bus driving training.

Our classroom instruction also prepares you to take the general road test and to earn the passenger endorsement test. These are both required for you to actually get your bus-driver’s license. The classroom training starts with a half-hour orientation and then you’ll go through 15 classroom sessions, each of which will be about half an hour. Those classes are distributed as follows:

  • Four classes on DOT regulations
  • One class on regulation agencies
  • Six classes on the rules of the road
  • Three classes on air systems
  • Three classes on pre-trip inspections
  • One class on engines
  • One class on transmissions
  • Two classes on driving in adverse conditions
  • Eight classes on defensive driving

Behind-the-wheel training

When you work with Dootson Truck Driving School, you can count on us to not only help you with the written portion of your test but with the road portion of your exam as well. You’ll get hands-on instruction from our certified instructors who will help you with pre-trip skills and driving skills. They’ll teach you about parallel parking, backing up, and everything else you need to know. There are 17 of these classes and each one is about 45 minutes. The classes are broken up as follows:

  • Two classes on the rules of the road
  • Two classes on defense driving
  • One class on lane choice
  • One class on intersections
  • Two classes on backing
  • Two classes on pre-trip inspections
  • One class on turns
  • One class on railroad crossings
  • One class on hill driving
  • Three classes on defensive driving
  • One class on freeway driving

Do you have questions about our bus driving classes? If so, or if you’re ready to sign up, call Dootson Truck Driving School at 800-350-0002.